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If you are interested in writing driven by a voice that sounds like it’s speaking directly to you, you’ve come to the right place. I combine fiction, memoir, criticism, and social commentary in ways that are seamless. I think our minds work in this associative way. You can think of this form as hybrid writing. Sometimes it’s referred to as autofiction. In a sense, all the writing here is fiction because it produces its effects entirely through language. What you will find as well, because these are the notes I return to again and again, is the way we look back at things, consider the way we felt in the past, whether five minutes ago or five years ago, and consider the way, looking back, we feel in the moment, now. This layering effect is the basis of what I do.

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The story is not about what happened, it's about what the narrator makes of what happened.


Laurie Stone 

Laurie Stone is author of six books, most recently "Streaming Now, Postcards from the Thing that is Happening." She writes the substack "Everything is Personal.” Her narrative voice is intimate, funny, and direct.